Friday Finds

Throughout the week we come across all sorts of fantastic real estate, home improvement and technology tidbits that don’t always fit into our blog posts, but that we want to share with you all the same. Welcome to Friday Finds!


  • As mortgage rates continue to drop, some renters are looking into the condo market. MSN details some pros and cons of owning a condo to help you determine if you should buy. (MSN Real Estate)



  • Also in weird real estate this week, the ‘Dune House’, which is built into a sandy knoll, is up for sale in Atlantic Beach. Calling all hobbits! (AOL Real Estate)



  • Check out these funny, well-written staging hints that will help toward a quick sale. I totally agree with the author regarding your ‘beloved troll doll collection’. (Houzz via AOL Real Estate)


  • Finally, thank you, Unplggd, for always reminding me that I have no idea how often I am supposed to replace or maintain X, Y, or Z. This week? Air filters. (Unplggd)


Did you find any cool stories this week? Post in the comments and let us know!