Friday Finds

Throughout the week, we come across all sorts of fantastic real estate, home improvement and technology tidbits that don’t always fit into our blog posts, but that we want to share with you all the same. Welcome to Friday Finds!

High-end trailer park – that’s an oxymoron, right? Not in the Hamptons! Check out these swanky beachfront trailer homes. (Gawker)

If a luxury trailer home isn’t your thing, how about living in a shipping container? Nothing says home sweet home like corrugated metal! (Daily Green)

Gen Y is emerging into the real estate market with unique preferences as to what amenities their home should offer. (Curbed)

Sometimes advertising language can hurt the chance of a home sale. “Cute and cozy” definitely translates as “small”, but we’re not sure about all the phrases on this list of phrases to avoid. What do you think? (AOL)

Love the home… but what about the neighborhood? MSN lists five common mistakes people make when choosing a neighborhood to live in. (MSN Real Estate)

Speaking of neighborhoods, the U.S. National Science Foundation has named the geekiest cities in the country. And we’re thrilled to be serving more than half of these havens for tech nerds! (SF Gate)

You don’t need to be a tech nerd to love our iPhone app - download it for free to search, save and share homes for sale in your area. (ZipRealty)

Home buyers care about storage spaces, especially those looking in urban areas where square footage tends to be smaller. Here are some awesome ways to make the most of your closet space! (Apartment Therapy)

Did you find any cool stories this week? Post in the comments and let us know!