Friday Finds

Throughout the week we come across all sorts of fantastic real estate, home improvement and technology tidbits that don’t always fit into our blog posts, but that we want to share with you all the same. Welcome to Friday Finds!


Be sure to sod that front lawn or you may end up in the slammer! And don’t you dare hang your clothes out to dry! Gawker serves up HOA horror stories from around the US. What’s the craziest requirement you’ve heard of? (Gawker)


Mandatory matching mailboxes may be a little extreme, but the exterior of your home really counts, especially if you are preparing to sell. Invest in a great painting professional to give your house a little love and a lot of curb appeal (and be sure to ask your Zip REALTOR® if you need a referral)! (NBC, CNN Money)


Of course, there are lots of repair jobs that don’t require a handyman. To save a little cash and learn a new skill, check out these DIY home repairs. I’m not sure I’m ready to install a faucet, so I’ll be starting with the switchplate! (MSN)


Speaking of do-it-yourself projects, we totally love this awesome vintage book organizer for all your tech accessories! How do you organize all your cords and headphones?(Design Sponge)


The marriage between retro and futuristic is everywhere. Check out these gramophone docking stations for your iPhone or iPod. (Unplggd)


For more great design, here are some quick and inexpensive decorating ideas from a Swedish apartment. My personal favorite is decorating with a special piece of clothing or costume jewelry. What’s your favorite idea?(Apartment Therapy)


Is the topsy-turvy market giving you cold feet? Experts say: buy the house, especially since buying is cheaper than renting in many parts of the country. (SmartMoney, CNN Money)


Did you find any cool stories this week? Post in the comments and let us know!