Friday Finds

Throughout the week we come across all sorts of fantastic real estate, home improvement and technology tidbits that don’t always fit into our blog posts, but that we want to share with you all the same. Welcome to Friday Finds!


  • Autumn is here, which means scarves, boots, and tights. If you want to give one of your rooms a seasonal makeover, check out these gorgeous fall color palettes! Charcoal and orchid is my favorite—what about yours? (Houzz)



  • “…  my parents and I spent a long night trying to assemble an IKEA bookshelf with the guidance of only a stick man with a mute smirk” – Curbed picks out seventeen hilarious sentences from the recent New Yorker feature on IKEA. (Curbed)


  • Having an open house this weekend? Panicked about the clutter? No worries – just apply The Breadbox Test. (Unplggd)



  • Though these stars are far from retiring, we saw big real estate purchases this week for Jonah Hill and Leighton Meester in the Valley and J. Lo in the Hamptons. Though J. Lo’s digs are pretty impressive, how could anyone say no to Hill’s bocce ball court? (Gawker, Hooked on Houses)


Did you find any cool stories this week? Post in the comments and let us know!