Friday Finds

Throughout the week we come across all sorts of fantastic real estate, home improvement and technology tidbits that don’t always fit into our blog posts, but that we want to share with you all the same. Welcome to Friday Finds!


  • First-time home buyers can never have too much advice, right? Wrapping up our week, here are ten mistakes to avoid as new buyer, such as being swept away by the look of a home rather than considering its future appreciation. (MSN Money)


  • Global markets may be teetering, but there are still many reasons to buy now if you’ve been hesitating. Look no further than Wall Street Journal for proof. (AOL Real Estate, Wall Street Journal)


  • If you’ve taken the plunge into house hunting, make sure you’re a savvy shopper! The Nest (which has lots of great articles for young or new homeowners) serves up some dealbreakers you should stick to. Do you have your own dealbreakers in your home search? (The Nest)


  • With autumn here and kids back in school, it’s a great time to give your space a little pick-me-up. And sometimes all you need are a few simple things. I am definitely a fan of bringing home fresh flowers – what are you favorites? (Apartment Therapy)



  • As you’re spiffing up your nest, you may find you need more storage. If you live in a smaller home (or just have many things to store), have you thought of these unexpected storage spaces? (House Beautiful)


Did you find any cool stories this week? Post in the comments and let us know!