First Homes of the Rich and Famous: Even Celebrities Were First-Time Buyers

After a week on first-time buying, we turn to some fun and frivolity on that same theme: namely, the first homes of 5 of our most celebrated celebrities. These homes in some cases aren’t even very grand, nothing that would make the average first-time buyer jealous and wish s/he could sign a record contract prior to buying that first home. But in other cases, you may feel a pang of envy- after all, celebrity paychecks tend to be a bit awesome. No surprise then to find first homes to match.

1. Elvis Presley’s first home

At 1034 Audubon, in Memphis, Tennessee is the King’s first, not terribly assuming home. And though it’s not as ostentatious at later abodes he purchased, it still draws devotees to its gates to this day.

Elvis's home on Audubon in Tennessee

The King's first castle

Go inside here:

2. Miley Cyrus

Whether you believe Miley belongs in the same article as Elvis or not, the girl bought her first home at age 17– actually, her first estate. 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, a tennis court, pool sand 2 bedroom guest house, all situated on a full acre in the L.A. area. According to Club Miley, the “best part” about this estate is “less than a mile away from the Jonas Brothers’ family digs also in Toluca Lake!” Personally, we think the best part is 3 pools, followed quickly by the tennis courts. But that’s us.

Miley Cyrus First Home

Disney dollars at work

3. John Rich

Staying on the music theme, we veer into the country with singer John Rich, who just this August put his first home up for sale. Just like Elvis’, this house is in Tennessee, and boasts, according to John himself in his promotional video, 50 acres, 4 bed/2.5 baths in 2,712 square feet of  hardwood floors, custom kitchen and expansive views.  “Everybody from Jason Aldean, and Keith Urban, Wynonna Judd, and Taylor Swift” have been here. You could be too, if you want to buy it for $579,975.


John Rich Home For sale, exterior

4. Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z

Staying with music, now visiting yet another genre, we see the super-star couple’s first home purchase together, a 15,000 square foot manse in Scarsdale, New York. This is as close as you can safely get, we think, judging by the warning sign outside the place.

Beyonce and Jay-Z buy first house together

99 problems, but a house isn't one

5. Marilyn Monroe

We started with an icon, so we will end with one too: Marilyn Monroe. Tragically, her first home was also her last, as this Brentwood, CA property is where she lived and died. Reportedly, the rather charming Spanish style bungalow only cost Marilyn $90,000 when she bought it; we can clearly then see proof of her enduring cache in the fact that the home was on the market in 2010 for $3,595,000.

Marilyn Monroe's home

And so concludes our first week of blogs on the first-time buyer. Tune in for more to come.

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