Easy Ways to Create Fall Curb Appeal

It’s not always easy to sell a house in the fall, though the current low interest rates and low inventory across the country is working in home sellers’ favor. But even in competitive markets, you don’t want to ignore curb appeal. This is a buyer’s first impression of your home, and can impact everything about the home selling/buying negotiation-- because it directly relates to how much your buyers think your home is worth.

With that in mind, we offer you easy (and fun!) ways to riff off fall’s bounty as you create seasonal curb appeal for your home.


Check out the DIY Network for flowers that bloom in fall. You can choose from the purples of a Butterfly Magnet to the deep orange of a Marigold, and everything in between.

Fall marigolds

If you’re not in the mood for planting  (if it’s raining outside like it is in Portland, OR right now), why not hit up the local nursery for some pots of colorful, cheery flora already planted and ready to go. Picture your walkway lined with little pots of red and yellow and white, luring buyers to the front door. I rest my case on this photo from Blogs Babble.com

Fall curb appeal

Pumpkins and Gourds

A must for fall homesellers: squash. Whether you opt for mini-pickings of 80 pound behemoths, fall is the time to bedeck your deck (and porch!). Keep in mind though, sellers: once a pumpkin is carved, its shelf life rapidly declines. A liquefying Jack-o-Lantern infested with fruit flies and ants doesn’t attract the right kind of buyer attention. Consider waiting until the night before Halloween to put out carved pumpkins, keeping some intact on the porch well through November.

Of course, even uncarved pumpkins rot—gourds less so—but either should be inspected occasionally to ensure only fresh, cute decorations contribute to your curb’s appeal.

Your Address

Fall’s a fun time to play with the season and your home’s address numbers. Here’s a clever example from Staging Home Blog. You’ll note: the numbers aren’t carved: they’re painted. So they’ll endure better but still celebrate the spirit of the season.

Or why not wreath your address? People generally put wreaths on the door, but you could create a wreath that surrounds your address numbers and thus draws the eye to them. Not feeling rich right now? This wreath, according to Thrifty Décor Chick’s blog, cost only $5 to cover the felt.

Fall wreaths

Failing crafty adornment, you can simply polish up or paint your house numbers to let them show-- and shine.

Your Mailbox

If you have a mailbox that stands on the street in front of your house, you can treat it like a canvas. Attach leaves to it; make it into a ghost or a witch for Halloween. As long as the postal carrier can see the address and can open and close the door, there are no limits on your creativity. This person, for instance, got very creative indeed (photo via Chaotic Compendiums).

Fall Mailbox


Outdoor lighting’s not just for December decorating, folks. You can get everything from tiny pumpkin lights you can string around trees and banisters to free standing lights you can place along your walkway to create a warm glow and welcome feeling. I offer you Crafterholic’s version for inspiration.

Fall lights


Got your own fall curb appeal ideas? Post them here. Extra points if you include a picture!

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