DIY Friday: Triangles

We’ve gone through quite a few home design micro-trends here on the ZipRealty blog, including using the lively chevron, trying out dipped furniture, and using neon to add pizzazz to a room. Today we turn to an old standby: geometric patterns.

Geometric patterns have been around since the pyramids (and before), but modern home design with its clean lines and minimal look made geometric patterning really popular. Triangles, in particular, are a fun way to add bold color to a room without losing the structure and pattern of modern design.

I love triangles, and Design*Sponge does, too. Here are some projects that use triangles to great effect!

Painted Glass Tabletop

If you can handle cutting the plexiglass and methodically cutting the contact paper, you can totally make this mod glass tabletop.

Geometric Wall Pattern

This project is much like the last one. Use a cardboard triangle template to create this geometric wall pattern. Leave the other walls in the room plain, so it’s not too overwhelming.

Curtain Rod with Geometric Cube Finials

A finial is a decorative ornament that usually sits at the top or corner of a building or structure – yep, I just looked that up. These spray-painted geometric cubes are an awesome touch on this DIY curtain rod.

Two-Tone Side Table

Another sweet copper tubing project is this DIY side table. Use some painter’s tape and spray paint to create this two-toned triangle pattern side table.

Finally, as a bonus, check out this DIY tee pee from My Poppet – complete with triangle pennants and perfect for kids to hang out in on summer afternoons!

Sarah Louise Green lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and writes about national real estate trends, home financing, advice for buyers, and DIY projects for the home and garden. Follow Sarah on Twitter:@slouisegreen

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