DIY Friday: Three Awesome Re-use Projects

One of my favorite things about the DIY world is watching the awesome and interesting ways that people reuse things they already have. Below are three awesome projects that were popular on our DIYs and How-to’s Pinterest board this week.

Wall Art Made from Paint Chips

Head over to Two Girls Being Crafty for this tutorial. It’s a knock-off of a $129 painting at World Market, which was DIYed for… ready for it? 3 dollars!

Clothing Rack Made from a Ladder

You already know I love ladder projects, and this one is no exception! It’s from an Italian website, but the step-by-step photos take you through the process really clearly.

Garden Trellis Made from a Baby Gate and Swing

Your little one is not so little anymore, but rather than selling or junking their baby hardware, repurpose it! Apartment Therapy has a great roundup of folks who have transformed baby cribs, gates, and swings into awesome trellises!

Happy Friday!


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