DIY Friday: Dipped Furniture

It’s amazing how quickly microtrends crop up in the home design world and suddenly are found everywhere! Ombre is still having its day, but neon has really taken the spotlight along with dipped furniture. Dipped furniture has been around for a few months, but it has exploded this spring and is on design blogs (and shelves!) everywhere.

Dipped furniture is a super-accessible DIY project that you can easily style to match the color palette of any room. A lot of popular guides take “blank slate” Ikea furniture and partially “dip” them in paint. Well, not dip exactly, but painting half of the piece on an even line will give it a two-tone effect.

And yes, you can double-dip: paint the other half of the piece another color, but this trend is more commonly seen combining white or a bright color with the natural wood underneath. Check out our round up below and get inspired to dip!

They’re no longer available, but these side tables from West Elm are easy to replicate.


I love this IKEA hack from The Sweet Beast; also, coral is our color of the week on Pinterest!


Magic Is As Magic Does puts a new spin (or two!) on this project by taking it to metal with neon paint!


This is such an easy way to brighten up any room and a low-cost DIY, too.

Have a very happy weekend!


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