DIY Friday: Crazy About Chevrons

For a long time, I thought Chevron was just the name of a gas station, and I had no idea that the company took its name from its logo’s shape: a chevron! These playful patterns have been popular choices for wood flooring or tiles for quite a while. Over the last few years, chevrons have been zig-zagging all over the DIY home design world in bold new colors.

If you have are thinking of painting the inside of your home or have a room that needs a lift, consider the chevron. I love how energetic chevron patterns are, but if you want a subtler effect, consider a muted color. Here’s a round-up of my favorite uses of the chevron.


First, from Sabbe, a very understated wall pattern. It’s not overwhelming, but  definitely adds some zing to the living room (full tutorial available on their blog).

A favorite way to get a pattern fix is by hacking an Ikea rug. The House of Smiths has a great tutorial on doing a painted chevron rug that’s budget-friendly and super-cute to boot!

Design*Sponge serves up a double-whammy: a chic chevron dresser

 … and chevron is less expected places – whirling above your head on a ceiling fan!

Finally, I love this chevron planter box by 91204 (found via Apartment Therapy). It’s a bit more labor intensive, but a great use for any scrap wood you have lying around!

What are your favorite patterns?

Happy weekend!