DIY Friday: Build Your Own Good-Lookin’ Library

I love books. I love reading them. I love collecting them. Actually, I have a book-collecting problem. Even though my bookshelves are maxed-out, I recently bought five more books (I couldn't resist!). So I'm always on the hunt for stylish ways to display and store them.

Changing around your book storage solution is an easy and satisfying way to quickly freshen up your space. You arrange by the books by color, style your bookshelf with curated objects, or build an awesome bookshelf that makes a statement in itself!

We saw a few great DIY bookshelf projects this week – check them out!

First, from Wholly Kao, a small book display dubbed “The Anthro Bookcase”. I’ve definitely had the experience of seeing artful products in Anthropologie and wondering if I could tackle making it myself for much less! Wholly Kao has a step-by-step tutorial for this custom bookcase.

We also saw ladders being used as bookshelves. Check out this wall-mounted ladder from Upcycle Us for a unique and space-saving corner bookshelf.

Or, you can leave the ladder standing up as part of the room’s décor. Less-Than-Perfect Life has a tutorial for creating a vintage look on a wooden ladder and transforming it into a cool bookshelf.

Finally, this colorful, light-up children’s bookshelf is so cool! It’s a little bit more technical, but the step-by-step tutorial from BaldManModPad should give you everything you need to pull this off.

Happy weekend!


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