DIY Friday: A Beautiful Project for the Mom in Your Life

Happy (almost) Mother’s Day!

Today, we have a DIY post inspired by mothers everywhere: a DIY vanity. I’m not implying that mothers are vain or even spend more than two minutes in front of the mirror on any given hectic morning. I know that my mother hardly had the time. But if she did get to spend a few minutes of quiet, getting ready for her day, I’d want her to have a place to do so that is as beautiful as she is!


For the Mom who is practical, tasteful and always classy

Source: Apartment Therapy

Difficulty: Easy - as long as you find wood you like

Cost: Low

This is my favorite one both because I like the minimally fussy and natural look of the wood and because the sawhorse legs are from Ikea! Hanging the mirror on the wall makes this vanity really easy to do.


For the Mom who loves modern colors and clean design

Source: Martha Stewart

Difficulty: Easy - just find the parts, paint, and assemble!

Cost: High – the glass top and triptych mirrors could definitely add up

I love how two nightstands are totally classed up by the glass top and then given a colorful twist with the simple paint lines.


For the Mom who is a feminine and elegant dresser

Source: The Beauty Department

Difficulty: Medium – measuring and sewing ruffles for the table skirt

Cost: Low

Find an old table at a yard sale, and you’re already well into this project. Dress it up by sewing a ruffled table skirt and place your favorite perfumes or a vase of flowers on the table to give it a ladylike touch.


For the Mom who has quirky and vintage-inspired taste

Source: Design*Sponge

Difficulty: Medium – getting the holes drilled in just the right place could be a challenge (especially if the suitcase is heavy)

Cost: Low

This is less of a vanity and more of a bathroom storage solution, but the idea is really cute, especially if you have an old suitcase (or a tiny bathroom). You could even affix a small mirror on the inside of the suitcase if you wanted to put this in your bedroom or walk-in closet.


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend enjoying and remembering all the mothers in your life!


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