DIY Decorating: How to Make a Wreath

Whether you’re getting ready to host an autumn open house or you just want to create some seasonal cheer to welcome holiday guests, a wreath is a fun, easy project that you can make yourself! If you’re not the crafty type, you can always pick one up at a craft or home decor store. But if you want to try creating your own, wreaths are a fairly simple project you can make out of things you have on hand or can easily pick up outside.


How to make your wreath will depend on the type of wreath you want to create - there are so many variations! But there are 3 essential parts to every wreath: the form, the materials you wind together for the base and any adornments for your wreath.



The form

The most common wreath forms are foam or Styrofoam and are sold at all major craft stores. You can also use cardboard if you’re creating a flat wreath or 12 gauge wire if you’re planning to make a looser, twig wreath.


The base

This will also vary by wreath, but you can pick up pre-made materials at a craft store, use recycled paper you have around your home or use my favorite method: take a walk and gather twigs, wheat and dried flowers for a natural wreath.


The adornments

Keep it simple, or dress up your wreath with some leaves (real or artificial), berries, pinecones or even a pretty ribbon you can hang the wreath with. Keep in mind that artificial materials will last, so you can use your wreath year after year!



Some examples of DIY wreaths

A lovely harvest wreath made of wheat glued onto burlap-covered cardboard


This one’s a little more labor-intensive - felt leaves pinned onto a yarn-wrapped form


An eco-friendly wreath of leaves cut from old catalogs - this one will take some time


A beautiful wreath made out of nuts - just make sure you don’t have squirrels around!


A gorgeous wreath made of wood flowers - once you make it, it will last for years


Lastly, a fun, bright and easy-to-make wreath made of yarn & felt leaves


Click on the links to get more information about how to make each wreath - we hope you enjoy making your own seasonal decor!

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