Which private companies hire the most Denverites?

There are a number of private-employers within the city limits of Denver, but which organizations employ the most locals? Not only do the industries span various niches, but they also employ workers of all tax brackets. As a result, each person may have wildly different criteria when searching the MLS listings in Denver for a home.

According to the Denver Business Journal, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. employs 25,238 people, King Soopers Inc. has 9,617 employees, Safeway Inc. has 9,137 registered workers, HCA-HealthOne LLC has 9,000 employees and finally SCL Health Systems employs 8,000 people all in Denver.

However, those are hardly the only companies hiring in today's marketplace. According to Metrostudy, Denver employers added 33,700 jobs in the past year and more employment opportunities are expected to develop as the economy improves.

If you have found yourself a new job in Denver and are looking for the right housing solution, consider searching the MLS listings in Denver for homes under the single-family median home price of $251,775. According to ALTOSResearch, there are a number of properties under the median, which can provide a new Denver resident an ideal residency.