What schools are available near Commerce City?

Commerce City is located just 7.5 miles from the center of Denver and offers residents easy access to the major metro’s amenities while also providing access to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. This local fixture is a favorite for residents because of the easy access to natural exhibits, educational lectures, wildlife viewing and jobs.

The refuge, located at 6550 Gateway Road, Commerce City, hires researchers, tour guides, scientists and a host of other professionals to ensure the safety of local wildlife. Therefore, it comes at no surprise that homes in the area are highly prized. With quick access to both the urban wonder of Denver and the natural oasis of the reserve, homes in this area are included on the MLS listings in Denver and are claimed fast.

However, before a family can transplant itself here in the Northeastern corner of Denver, they may want to check out the regional area schools to determine if the education system is right for their children.

Here are a few of the schools available for the area:

Elementary and K-8 Schools

1. Amesse. Located at 5440 Scranton St., this school educates children from preschool to fifth grade in the Montbello area of Northeast Denver. The school has a mandatory uniform policy and strictly follows the federal No Child Left Behind guidelines.

2. Jessie Whaley Maxwell Elementary. Serving children from preschool to fifth grade, students are required to attend weekly special classes in music, visual art, library, technology and physical education. According to the school’s website, it provides children access to the top circulating library within the Denver Public School system. The address for this school is 14390 East Bolling Drive. 

Middle School

1. Rachel B. Noel. Located at 5290 Kittridge St., recently received $2.4 million or $800,527 per year for three years to improve test scores as part of the Tiered Intervention Grant (TIG) from the Colorado Department of Schools. The school used the funds to adapt a new schedule, reading campaign and learning opportunities for the student body.

High School

1. Montbello. The school recently extended the school day by 60 minutes to provide students with a highly focused curriculum that encourages success. The school also extended the year by six days, offering new honors, AVID and AP courses to all qualified students.