Spring Home Selling Tips for Denver Home Sellers

As Colorado's snow begins to melt, those considering selling Denver properties will notice that interested buyers are starting to come out from their hibernation. This is an excellent time to think about selling a piece of Denver real estate. Before you list your home, these are the things you need to consider.

Pricing the Home

Experts with the National Association of REALTORS are stating that the inventory of homes for sale is at its lowest point since 1999 this year. This is helping home prices to increase across the nation. A low inventory combined with increased interest form buyers is creating a market where higher prices are a possibility.

This low inventory is something Denver is experiencing. After strong sales in the summer of 2012, the community faced a near record low inventory, with the number of homes listed down nearly 50 percent. This drove prices up, which was good news for sellers. Pricing your home requires an understanding of the current market and what price similar homes are getting.

Sprucing up Your Curb Appeal

Colorado winters do a number on your yard. As the snows melt and you see what the damage is, make sure that you do what is necessary to make the yard look great. Early spring can be a very trying time for curb appeal, so take the time to cut back dead plants, add some fresh mulch and make everything look the best it can. Once it's warm enough, plant some spring flowers to give some added color to your home. After the danger of freezing temperatures is gone, don't be afraid to throw on a coat of paint to your shutters, siding and trim. This is the season when interested buyers will be driving by your home, so make it look great.

Focusing on Home Repair

Denver residents know that winter does a number on any piece of Denver real estate. Your home is going to need some spring repairs before you put it on the market. Cleaning out and repairing gutters, taking a close look at siding and repairing damage to your driveway are all common spring tasks. Look for other signs of damage from the rain and snow, and repair these before you put your home on the market.

Understand the Denver Market

As you consider listing a piece of Denver real estate, understanding the Denver market is going to be crucial to your success. While prices are increasing on average across the nation, you need to know what is happening specifically in Denver.

The Denver market is on an upswing. The low inventory in late 2012 may get a surge in the spring when selling Denver properties becomes more popular. Buyers will remain motivated with the excellent rates they can currently get on their mortgages. This combination will create a market where homes are selling quickly, maybe even with multiple offers, and for good prices.

If you've been toying with the idea of selling Denver properties that you own, now is a great time to start doing the work necessary to get your home ready to sell. The market may not be this great again in the future, so act while the interest is high and you will be far happier with the price you get for your piece of Denver real estate.

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