Prefab Fad in Denver, Colorado!

The phrases "prefab home" or "modular home" have been popping up here and there in the architecture industry, but for the general public, a "modular home" may have a negative connotation. If you are thinking of buying a home in Denver, Colorado in the near future, the option to purchase a pre-fabricated home is probably an option you have not considered. However, it may be wise to put aside many assumptions you likely have regarding prefab homes because purchasing one might actually make sense from both a practical and financial standpoint. In fact, pre-fab houses in Denver are becoming a popular option - with modular log homes or custom cedar homes being particularly popular in Denver.

The concept of pre-fabricated homes has been around for centuries. Just to be clear, there is a difference between a pre-fabricated home and a mobile home. A pre-fabricated, or modular, home is a home that is built off site and then put together on site. These homes, just like any other home, are placed on a permanent foundation. Manufactured homes, commonly referred to as mobile homes, are also constructed off-site; however, a mobile home is not secured by placing it on a permanent foundation. As the name implies, a mobile home remains mobile. Prefab homes have come a long way in recent years both in the practical elements of construction and in the aesthetic element of design. Most people would be surprised to learn, for example, that many accomplished and well-known architects design pre-fabricated homes these days. Some other facts you may not know about prefab homes in Denver include:

  • Prefab homes typically appraise for the same value as a similar, comparable homes built on-site.
  • They can be built in a fraction of the time as their on-site counterpart, without compromising the quality of the home.
  • A prefab home can be just as strong and secure as an on-site construction.
  • There are hundreds of different designs to choose from and they can be customized.
  • Most modular homes are environmentally friendly and are built with new “green” technology.

If you are buying a home in Denver and have decided to consider a modular home, a basic understanding of the process may be helpful.

  • Locating land—you must have land on which to build. Unlike a traditional build you cannot typically put a modular home in a subdivision. You probably want to talk to a local real estate agent to find the right lot of land for you.
  • Choosing a builder – the number of builders making prefab homes is ever-expanding. Talk to at least three or four before making a decision.
  • Construction loan – typically, the builder must be paid in full before construction begins. Unless you have the funds in cash you will need to obtain a special construction loan.
  • Designing your home – while there are a number of basic designs, a prefab home can be customized to fit your needs and wishes.
  • Building your home – sit back and watch your new prefab home join other houses in Denver! This is accomplished by lifting the sections of your new home into place using large cranes and then fitting them together and securing the entire structure to the foundation.
  • Utilities – your prefab home will likely not come with electric and plumbing already complete so that will need to be done once the home is in place.
  • Conversion to a mortgage – your original construction loan is then converted to a traditional mortgage.

If buying a home in Denver is in your future, take the time to talk to a few of the many companies that specialize in constructing pre-fabricated homes or ask your real estate agent for more information.

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