Innovative Features for the Modern Day Kitchen

For many homemakers, the kitchen is a room they have a love-hate relationship with. Yet, in most Denver homes, the kitchen serves as a focal point of the day-to-day activities. Families start their days in the kitchen over a cup of coffee and bowl of cereal, then end their day there doing homework, putting away dishes and hanging up the car keys for the next day. This is the room where food is cooked, meals are eaten, homework is done and family meetings take place. As you are considering the improvements you can do to your own piece of Denver real estate, the kitchen is a great place to start. Add some of these innovations to make your kitchen as modern as it can be.

Automation Around Every Corner

In many homes, automation in the kitchen doesn't extend past the automatic setting on the coffee maker, but that is changing. Today, many Denver homes are embracing automation in every sense of the word. For instance, consider the oven. This vital appliance may seem as though it is automated already, but nowadays some ovens like LG's Thinq automated oven for example can be controlled from a phone. The oven will tell you when your meal is fully cooked over your phone so that you can remotely set it at warming mode. With innovations such as these, all you have to do is load your meals into the oven and literally forget about it.

Hidden Kitchen Gems

Walk into a modern kitchen and you might wonder where the stove or the refrigerator is. That's because one of the more recent trends in high tech kitchens is the popularity of hiding appliances behind cabinets and in drawers. A refrigerator that is tucked away in the kitchen island removes this large appliance from your line of sight, while still keeping the important food nearby.

Adding Efficiency

Families are busy, so kitchen designs that add efficiency are always welcome. An induction cook top may be just the thing for your kitchen. These innovative stove options heat up quickly, so you can cook in less time, yet they also blend in almost seamlessly with the countertop.

In many kitchens, the stove and sink are positioned far from one another. Since most meals require water to cook at some point, this is an inefficient design. If you have the budget to renovate your kitchen and want to add value to your piece of Denver real estate, consider moving the layout so there is a faucet near the stove. Whether this means adding an additional faucet or simply re-arranging so your stove and faucet are near one another, you will find that the change will give you a more seamless cooking experience.

Denver homes with beautiful, modern kitchens sell well when the time comes. If you are ready to make some changes to your kitchen, reach out to a real estate agent to see if you should incorporate some of these innovations - especially if you need to stand out in a luxury real estate market. 

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