Increased employment opportunities in Denver to turn the clock on recession lingering recession conditions

According to Metrostudy Report, while housing numbers were slow in the fourth quarter of 2011, they are expected to improve throughout 2012. A large component of this improvement is the current employment rates and the predicted rise in job creation. The increase in job opportunities will result in an increase in the number of houses for sale in Denver being purchased.

An estimated 11,500 jobs were added in the metro area in the past 12 months, which is a 0.8 percent annual growth rate, according to the source.

"While certainly positive, the fact remains that Denver employers shed over 88,000 jobs during the downturn, and have since recovered only 23 percent of those jobs over the last 18 months," said John Covert, director of Metrostudy’s Colorado division.

Metro Denver had a more cautious estimate of 0.6 percent increase in annual job growth. In addition, it predicts that 2012 will see an additional 1.1 percent by the end of the fourth quarter.

All of these new jobs will require workers to search the MLS listings in Denver for affordable housing opportunities.