Historic LoDo building in Denver subject of debate

West of Coors Field in Denver sits an abandoned warehouse over a century old. This structure has spurred a debate between neighbors seeking landmark designation and owners looking to tear the building down and construct a multimillion-dollar apartment complex in its place, the Denver Post reported.

Depending on their perspective, home hunters looking for real estate in Denver can be hopeful that the landmark status will bring value to the neighborhood, or they can be excited to have five new floors of prime residential real estate going up for sale in the relatively near future.

The old warehouse has already been partially torn down by the owners, but the demolition was halted by neighbors filing an application to enact landmark preservation of the building. In response to some allegations that the application was filed as “a joke,” Rodney Wilson defended filing the application. Wilson, who lives across the street from the Mine and Smelter Supply Co. warehouse, said the building is “a touchstone to the neighborhood’s industrial past and a link to Colorado’s mining history,” the Denver Post reported.

The warehouse is in the Lower Downtown (LoDo) district of Denver, on the west side of the downtown central district. The area is home to Coors Field, where the Colorado Rockies can be seen battling opponents on the 76-acre field. The Denver Convention & Visitors Bureau details that LoDo has become “one of the liveliest areas in the city” as restorations and renovations have surged. The neighborhood hosts a great number of “creative types,” and is well known for advertising agencies, internet design firms, art galleries and graphic design studios.