Easy Home Repair Tips for Denver Home Sellers

For those who live in cities that experience wet and cold winters like Denver, you may find yourself in a situation where you would like to sell your Denver home, but would also prefer to wait until the weather clears up.  While the big tasks like putting on a new roof or painting the exterior to spruce up curb appeal will have to wait, there are plenty of small (but equally important) tasks that you can take care of on rainy/snowy days. Here are some simple home improvement tips that can help you get your home ready to sell today:

1. Getting Rid of Squeaks

A squeaky door can be a real deterrent to potential buyers, and getting rid of that squeak takes just a few minutes. Simply grab a can of aerosol lubricating oil and spray it onto the hinge. Open the door a few times and you will notice a difference.

If you have an annoying squeak in your floor, head below. If you have access to the joists, you may be able to fix the squeak by putting a few screws into the joists to better connect the floorboards to the supporting beams. Just be careful not to use screws that will be long enough to damage your floors. Think carefully before you decide to take on this task by yourself. This may require some help from a general contractor.

2. Replacing the Air Filters

Dirty air filters can contribute dust to the home, which will make your job more difficult when prepping for a showing. Replacing your air filters takes seconds, and may make your cleaning job easier.

3. Cleaning All Your Knick Knacks

Cleaning small furniture/decor items, and even getting all the gunk off your vent covers, can be a huge hassle. Take these small items and run them through the dishwasher on a low heat setting to remove the grime without the hassle. Here are some other items you can throw into wash to save you a lot of your time and energy.

4. Stopping Leaks

If you have a leaky faucet, it should be fixed before your potential buyers come to you’re your home. Fixing it can be pretty simple; however, if you feel uncomfortable handling tools or hardware, it’s probably best that you turn to a trusted plumber in your neighborhood. Your real estate agent is great resource when it comes to referrals for local businesses. If you do choose to fix the leak yourself: First, turn off the water to that faucet. Then disassemble and remove the faucet to expose the o-ring. Underneath the o-ring is a washer, which will get worn out with time. Replace this to stop the leak. There is a possibility that the valve seat itself is damaged, in which case you will need to replace the seats with a special wrench. If all of this sounds too complicated, then it is probably the best idea to turn to a local plumber. Replacing the entire faucet is another option you may want to consider!

5. Revamping your Kitchen 

Do your cabinet handles and door knobs look outdated, frayed, or rusted? Swap them out for a newer model to upgrade the look of your home, with little work on your part. Door knobs for your cabinet are relatively cheap and not nearly as complicated as replacing the entire doors.

6. Updating Outdated Fixtures

Whether it’s an outdated light on the ceiling or a plumbing fixture like a showerhead, if you have outdated fixtures in the home, you might be able to replace them pretty easily, and without a lot of expense. This will help the home look more appealing to potential buyers.

7. Add a Backsplash

One of the home selling tips you will read on a regular basis is to pay attention to your kitchen or bathroom if you want to sell your home quickly. If your kitchen or bath needs attention, sometimes small changes make a big difference. Consider adding a self-stick backsplash to give the home a more modern look, without increasing your costs substantially. This shouldn’t take a contractor more than a day to complete.

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