Denver takes on electric vehicle readiness

With a growing focus on renewable energy initiatives in the United States, green-conscious individuals looking to relocate can look at homes for sale in Denver, CO. The city and state have committed to battery-powered transport to keep Denver's "ozone-prone air" pure, the Denver Post reports.

Today, transportation is in the middle of a transition from gasoline powered vehicles to what some believe to be the future: electric vehicles. Now Colorado is undergoing a deregulation of the electricity market, making it so that anybody can resell electricity to EV drivers. The new law is to become effective in August and will allow anyone to own a “filling station” to provide power to EV drivers.

Last year, Denver’s project FEVER (Fostering Electric Vehicle Expansion in the Rockies) was put into action in an effort to improve air quality in metro Denver. The project is intended to broadly expand infrastructure to better accommodate electric vehicles in Denver and around the state. It was hopeful that such a program would allow for a reduction of current dependence on fossil fuels that comes from the transportation sector, as well as improve air quality in metro Denver.

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper backed the new law that allows entrepreneurs to install e-chargers anywhere for a buy-in of only $5,000, hoping to spur an influx of installations across the state and encourage the slow moving shift from gasoline powered vehicles to EVs, the Post stated.

The newspaper reported there are roughly 5.1 million vehicles registered to drive in the state of Colorado, with only about 1,200 EVs and approximately 35,000 hybrid vehicles. Adoption rates may be dampened by worries that charging stations are too few and far between, which could be addressed by the new law regarding electricity resale.

Hickenlooper is not the only public official throwing his weight behind the project. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock is launching a 10-year campaign to install free charging stations at approximately one-third of all city facilities, supporting his goal to make Denver one of the “nation’s greenest cities,” according to the Post. Hancock pointed out that Denver's green economy will also support job growth. Eco-conscious homebuyers considering homes for sale in Denver can also keep the Echotech Institute in mind. This college is devoted to preparing students for jobs in the renewable energy/sustainable design sector.