Denver suburb to install light rail

In the Denver suburb of Aurora, eight light rail stations are planning to be installed under the clever name of FasTracks, according to Colorado publication The Aurora Sentinel. With more and more businesses, shops and real estate in Denver moving outwards into the suburbs, transportation officials hope the installation will help with future traffic issues, and show how proactive the Denver metropolitan area truly is.

With the hope of claiming a bustling downtown area of their very own, residents are excited about the possibility of trains coming from Denver. Michael Sheldon, an Auroran developer said, "It's fabulous news. This may be the impetus to work on plans that will allow Aurora to achieve its potential."

Individuals hoping to move into the area should know that many different types of housing are planning to be built near these new stations. The stations and proposed housing locations also make area schools, libraries and community gardens easy to walk to, according to the North Denver Tribune. "We like the area, and want to make it better," said local resident Erin McCarthy.

Possibilities for funding and action that needs to be taken with city planning will be adopted by the City Council by next winter, with service slated to begin in Spring 2013.