Buying a vacation home in Denver

When it comes time to think about buying a second home, Denver's resort community is a beautiful place to start your search.  Denver, Colorado has plenty to offer especially if you want to enjoy the slopes at your vacation home.  This part of Colorado not only offers world class ski resorts, but it is also surrounded by residential communities with  a wide selection of Denver property listings. For instance, you'll find that the downtown area offers an attractive collection of lofts and apartment-style living at more affordable prices while the areas in and around Denver's luxury ski resorts the most extravagant mountain homes in the nation. When buying a home in Denver, consider how you'll use it, how you'll benefit from it and whether it's the right decision for you.

Some reasons to buy a vacation home in Denver, Colorado

As mentioned before, Denver property listings offer a range of real estate options to consider, but before you actually close the deal on a home, ask yourself what you hope to gain by moving into this area. Consider the following before buying.

  • According to Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation, "Home resale activity in Metro Denver increased 20.3 percent over-the-year in November 2012...Sales prices for single-family homes and condominiums are also improving with an increase in the average sale price of single-family homes of 11.2 percent over year-ago numbers and an increase in average condominium prices of 29 percent."
  • Denver does pride itself for offering some of the most desirable sites for outdoor adventures like skiing, mountain climbing, hiking, fishing, and more.  
  • You'll be close to the slopes. Denver is known for its world class ski resorts. That includes locations such as Steamboat Springs and Aspen Highlands. Other options include Vail and Wolf Creek. If you want to ski and do a lot of it, then Denver is the perfect place to call your home away from home.
  • As a popular vacation destination, buying a home in Denver means you'll have plenty of opportunities to rent out your second home when you are not using it. This means you'll have a better chance here than most other places of earning rental income from the property.
  • Can you maintain the home from a distance? You'll need to factor in the extreme cold and the heavy snow that is common in this area. Though the skiing is great in the early portion of winter, the temperatures can dip below 0 degrees, which means that every year, you will be responsible for the extra costs of preparing your home for the winter as well as the repair costs of damage caused by the harsh weather conditions. 

These are some of the many factors to keep in mind when making a decision about buying a home in Denver.  You may find that buying a second home can bring about a lot of questions especially if you are not from the area.  This is where an experienced real estate agent can come in handy.  You can also use a property management company to watch over the property while you are not there. It is not difficult to fall in love with Denver and all that it has to offer - including its sports teams, popular restaurants, museums, fantastic theme parks and much more. Denver is an ideal area if you are looking for a vacation home near the slopes or mountain trails. From cozy cabins to the most modern of residential properties, Denver could be the spot for your vacation home. Check out some of the Denver property listings available in your budget today!

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