Affordable Home Remodeling Ideas to Increase the Value of Your Home

If you are a Denver homeowner considering putting your home on the market, you may be interested in what you can do to raise the value of your home prior to selling it. Getting the highest price for your home involves making the best decisions about remodeling projects. Not all projects will give you the same bang for your buck. Nevertheless, there are some easy things you can do to add to the value of your home.

How Much Will Remodeling Help?

To ensure you get the highest value for your home, it is important to set realistic expectations. When selling a home in Denver, investing in large scale home improvement projects may not be the most beneficial use of your time and money.

For example, look into what the average home remodel might cost you.  According to Consumer Reports, a bathroom remodel in Denver may cost about $15,700 on average. That may net you an increase in your home's sale price of about $10,300.  These types of large-scale investments are not always going to give you all of your money back.

Which Projects are Best?

The good news is that there are projects you can take on which will yield significant improvements to your home's value. Here are some ideas you can take on before selling your home:

1.     Painting is one of the best projects to help increase your home's value. Painting covers up dirt and grime, creating a fresh and clean feel to the space. In addition, painting is one of the lower cost home improvement projects. We advise you choose neutral colors, and invest in a professional.

2.     Kitchen updates can help as well, just be careful about expecting a full return on your investment for large upgrades. Projects such as sanding and painting cabinets may help. Replacing a broken countertop with a new one will also increase the value.  More lighting can be added, to help brighten the room and give it a positive feel.

3.     Upgrading the bathroom can also play a role in the home's value. While adding on a new bathroom would be nice, it may not provide the same return for you as investing in paint, new fixtures, improved overall lighting, and perhaps even new vanities.

4.     Finishing a space can also be a wise investment. If your basement isn't finished, getting this completed before listing your home can help. In particular, define spaces for what they could be, such as areas for a recreational room or even an additional bedroom. Show the buyer what your home can offer.

5.     Windows and doors will also make a strong impression in home values. Ensure your space is welcoming by greeting potential buyers with a new door.  Go through your home to ensure that all windows do not leak air, and upgrade as necessary.

Carefully consider each room of your home. Would upgrading that area or making repairs to it increase your home's value? How much would it cost, and what would your return on that investment be? To learn more about these costs and concerns, talk to your local Denver real estate agent. Denver home sellers will benefit the most from one-on-one guidance from these agents when selling their home.

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