Where can you find luxury homes in Dallas?

Texas may be known for over-the-top features like big blonde hair and large meal portions. However, for those individuals looking for homes for sale in Dallas that can match all that desire for big, there is a number of communities that could meet their needs.

Here are four ZIP codes in Dallas that feature luxury homes:

1. ZIP code 75247. Covering six square miles southwest of the Dallas Love Field Airport is the ZIP code of 75247. The average real estate asking price is $450,000, while the average sales price is significantly lower at $172,217, according to ZipDataMaps. In addition, the population is growing at a steady pace, with 254 residents in 2000 and 468 in 2010. There were 251 households in the area with a median household income of $175,550.

2. ZIP code 75201. The tiny area included in the 75201 ZIP code covers only one square mile, according to ZipDataMaps. Despite that, real estate in the area is some of the priciest around. The average real estate asking price is $1,127,294, while the average housing sales price is $99,444. To support the purchase of one of these luxury properties, the median household income is relatively high - $89,969. In addition, about 45 percent of residents have an annual income of over $100,000.

3. ZIP code 75251. Currently, the ZIP code of 75251 is not featuring very strong sales figures. According to the source, the average real estate asking price is $316,075. However, the average sales price is $66,292, and this decrease may be due to a statistical outlier throwing off the figures, for example, one home selling for a substantially low price. Despite this, the area has experienced strong population growth. In 2000 there were 1,331 residents, while by 2010 this number grew to 2,331.

4. ZIP code 75205. This ZIP code serves a four square mile area, according to ZipDataMaps. Homes here have an average real estate asking price of $1,772,453 and an average sales cost of $150,202. In addition, the number of residents living within the area has decreased slightly over the course of 10 years. In 2000, there were 24,142 people living in the ZIP code, which decreased to 23,061 residents in 2010.

These neighborhoods and others in Dallas feature high-quality homes. Consider researching the local MLS listings for a detailed look at what could be your next house.