What do rising home prices mean for Dallas property buyers?

Economic recovery appears on the horizon in various areas of the United States, which is reflected in the nation's real estate market. Dallas is just one of the U.S. metros to benefit from consistent financial growth, aptly displayed in its housing market. In fact, there might be greater interest in the homes for sale in Dallas in the immediate future, especially due to recent data that indicates property prices are rising in this metro.

The Dallas Business Journal notes that the median home price in the Dallas-Fort Worth area hit $168,000 for single-family properties in the second quarter of 2012. This city was one of 110 metros that saw average home prices rise when compared with the same time frame last year.

Residents may consider relocating to Dallas for numerous reasons, and have shown a willingness to do so. The Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau reports that this city is the ninth-largest in the United States, is centrally located and features the headquarters of 18 Fortune 500 companies. Additionally, this metro ranks among CNN Money's top business-friendly cities - helping to make it an attractive place to call home for many professionals.