Tips for Dallas Home Sellers

What are some features of Dallas homes that makes a potential buyer fall in love with a home so it will sell quickly? Is it the home's open layout, neutral colors or amazing kitchen? While all of these things are beneficial, a recent survey indicates it may actually be something else – the yard.

The survey, performed by, indicated that 69 percent of those who responded reported having a "home crush," or falling head-over-heals in love with a home. Of those, the largest percentage of both men and women indicated that the outdoor living space, which is primarily the backyard, made them fall in love. A full 54 percent of men and 46 percent of women indicated this was the biggest draw for them. As someone looking to sell in Dallas, this fact indicates you should be putting some time and effort into making the backyard as appealing as possible to potential buyers. These home selling tips focus on that crucial outdoor living space.

Go for a Natural Look

Those shaped topiaries and rounded junipers may have been popular in the 1970s, but today's buyers want an outdoor living space with a more natural look. If you are going to plant something, choose native plants with a variety of foliage options, rather than shrubs that have to be shaped. Also, if your yard has huge evergreens that have overgrown their space, it may be time to take trim them or completely take them out.

Provide Space for Entertaining

Your outdoor living space doesn't have to be complex, but make sure there is space for entertaining. A porch or patio that is well maintained and inviting will be a draw for potential buyers. If you don't have one or it needs a little work, this is the time to give it that attention.

That said, don't go overboard here. If you invest a lot of money into an outdoor living space, you may not recoup all of it. Make what you have look great, but don't spend a lot on improving or upgrading it, because you won't see that money when the house sells.

Keep Some Green

A maintenance-free yard, one that uses rock and sand to create an intricate xeriscape landscape design, may seem like a buyer's dream come true, but the fact is that most buyers want to see some green in their backyards. If your yard is huge, try to strike a balance between no-maintenance areas and areas with open green space. You never know if the family who ends up buying your house is one that has dogs or small children who need some space to run and play.

As you are considering your options for selling your home and are considering the various home selling tips that are out there, don't forget about your yard. The Dallas homes that sell the fastest are often the ones with backyards that are inviting and appealing, so spend some time dressing up this important area of your home.

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