Selling a Home in Dallas - FAQ

When it comes to selling Dallas real estate, there are many factors to consider. The best place to turn to for answers to tough questions that may arise when selling real estate would be a local real estate agent. Dallas listing agents are not only familiar with the area, they are familiar with the local property laws as well.  Nevertheless, those who need quick answers to the most common questions can get started by considering the following:

Q - Do I have to accept an offer made on my home?

A- No, you do not. However, if the offer reflects all the terms and the conditions you stated in your listing contract, then you might still be obligated to pay your real estate agent a commission. This depends on the stated terms within the listing contract you signed with your agent. If you don't think the offer is enough or meets your criteria, you can counter the offer with one of your own.

Q - What should I look for in a Dallas listing agent?

A - When selling Dallas real estate or buying it, it is essential to have a professional, experienced agent by your side. You should ensure your agent is licensed and has ample experience in the local area. Ask for a referral from a friend, family member, or even coworkers. It's important to know why this agent is valuable, too. Is he or she a good negotiator, readily available and knowledgeable about the area?

Q - What is the MLS?

A - The MLS, or Multiple Listing Service, is a service that provides a connection point for all real estate agents who are part of a given regional association. It stores and shares information about homes for sale in the area. An agents can access it to find the homes that fit your criteria, in your price range, and in the neighborhood that you want to move into. Additionally, this tool can help with negotiations as well as pricing. It's an essential tool to have when buying or selling a home.

Q - How do I find out the fair market value of my Dallas home?

A - You can find this by working with a real estate agent or doing the research on your own. You'll want to consider the comparable sales in the area to your property. When selling Dallas real estate, it's important to find homes about the same size and in the same area of your home that recently sold. This shows what the buyers in the area are willing to pay for homes like your own. Many factors play into this, which is why working with a real estate agent is so valuable.

Q - Why not sell the home on your own?

A - Selling your home yourself is an option. In the highly competitive market, though, it's probably best to turn to Dallas listing agents. You'll get expertise and powerful negotiators. You'll also find that it's possible to save money when using an agent. All of the advertising costs, open house fees and the legal aspects are included. That means you can feel confident about your selling decision.

Turn to Dallas listing agents to learn more about your options and to get any additional questions answered. You can get a free, no obligation consultation with an agent in the area to discuss selling Dallas real estate at the best possible price.

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