New Construction Homes vs. Pre-Owned Homes in Dallas

Home buyers will need to ask themselves several important questions as they look for a home in Dallas. One of these is whether they will purchase a new construction home in Dallas or a previously owned property. There are benefits and drawbacks to both types of real estate, and the savvy home buyer will need to weigh these in order to make an informed decision.

Benefits of New Construction Homes

One of the main reasons people consider new construction homes is the fact that they are new and have never been used by anyone else. With new construction homes in Dallas, you won't be wondering if the previous owner's pets left stains or if there's wear and tear that will require repair. Everything in a newly constructed home will be fresh, and if you purchase while the home is still under construction, you can choose upgraded options or choose your paint and carpet colors to add your own personal touch. 

When you purchase a new Dallas homes, you also have the benefit of being protected by warranties. Most newly constructed properties will have a builder's warranty. If something goes wrong with the property during the warranty period, the builders will repair it.

Benefits of Pre-Owned Homes

While the appeal of owning a house that is brand new and fresh is great; there are benefits to pre-owned Dallas homes as well. With a pre-owned home, you have the chance to get to know the neighborhood, and the neighbors, a bit before you move in, versus taking a chance on a neighborhood where everyone will be a new resident. Pre-owned homes also may already have the upgrades you want, because the previous owners will have invested in them, so you aren't forced to decide between a higher purchase price and getting that new kitchen appliance you want.

Finding New Construction Homes in Dallas

If you are interested in buying a new construction in Dallas, you will find that the inventory is lower than normal right now. The real estate market crash created a situation where builders were not able to sell properties quickly, and as such they started slowing down on their construction. The existing inventory has been purchased, leaving fewer new developments for today's buyers.

For those who feel a new home is right, negotiating well will help them land the purchase of one of the few properties currently available. Start by working with an agent who is knowledgeable about new home purchasing. Then, plan on offering more earnest money with your offer. This will help you appear as a serious buyer. Be willing to be flexible with your bottom line purchase price in order to get the home you want. If you keep these tips in mind, you will be in a better position to buy a newly constructed home.

Look for New Dallas Homes in These Neighborhoods

If you are in the market for new properties in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, several developments have homes coming on the market in 2013. In the $200,000-$250,000 price range, consider The Enclave at Lakeview in Little Elm. Homes for $280,000 to $400,000 can be found at The Shores at Waterstone in Frisco and The Tribute in The Colony. Homes above $400,000 are available at Rolling Ridge and Hunters Landing, both in Murphy. Each of these neighborhoods has several floor plans for you to consider as you shop for a new Dallas area home.

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