Neighborhood Watch: West End Historic District

Homes for sale in Dallas are located in several different districts. Each section has its own unique neighborhoods that offer different cultural, entertainment and recreational opportunities. As just one example, take a look at the benefits of the West End Historic District.

This particular community is located just northwest of the downtown area, south of Victory Park but to the north of the Government and Reunion districts. The municipal authorities in the city have named it a "Dallas Landmark District" due to the prevalence of historic properties here. If you are a history or architecture buff, you may be fascinated to learn that the residences here are among the oldest found in Dallas.

However, there is more to the West End than just history. The Dallas World Aquarium is located at 1801 North Griffin Street, and there are plenty of fine dining options in the nearby area. The Dallas County Courthouse (also known as the Old Red Museum) is another popular tourist destination. The community's close proximity to downtown means that available properties might be hard to find, but if you can secure a house or apartment here, you'll be right in the middle of one of the most exciting districts in Dallas.