Most Affordable Neighborhoods in Dallas

When locating Dallas property listings, many factors play a role. One of them is the budget you have, of course. Yet, even in the big cities known for incredibly high priced homes, like Dallas, it is possible to find those key neighborhoods where the prices are affordable and the quality of living is great. To locate such areas, focus on working with a real estate agent who can guide your decisions. When buying a home in Dallas, it is important to know where a deal can be found and where your money goes further.

Buckner Terrance Everglade Park

One option to consider is Buckner Terrance Everglade Park. This area has a median household income of over $41,000. The area offers good schools, larger yards, and plenty of local amenities. It is a short drive into the city. The city has parks, open spaces, and numerous amenities for residents. It may be possible to even walk your child to school here.

Dallas property listings in this area range widely. Here are some examples of the property prices you'll find currently in this neighborhood.

  • $60,000 homes with 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom with about 1200 square feet are available. These are single family homes. Homes like this may have hardwood floors and be on private streets. It is not uncommon to find historic homes in the area.
  • $90,000 homes may be 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom homes with 1600 square feet. With larger lots and spacious ranch-styles, these types of homes can be an excellent investment overall.

This is a small sampling of homes in the area. There could be other Dallas property listings to fit your needs.

Cockrell Hill

For those buying a home in Dallas, another area to consider is Cockrell Hill. This city is surrounded by the city of Dallas. It is a small community with about 4200 people. The area has a community feel, with well-rated schools and good overall amenities. It is also only a few minutes into Downtown Dallas.

Look at some of the homes located in this area.

  • $89,000 home here with 2000 square feet of space may have 3-bedrooms and 2-bathrooms. These single family homes may have features like spacious living areas and moderate to small lots.
  • $99,000 might get you a large, spacious home with 3-bedrooms and 3-bathrooms. With modern amenities and a moderately sized lot, this type of property can offer a family a modern and spacious home to call their own.

Keep in mind that this area also has a number of foreclosure properties. Dallas real estate buys of foreclosure properties could significantly reduce the overall cost while still providing you with access to the features you are looking for in a home.

When selecting real estate in the Dallas area, consider the budget you have. Moving out of the downtown area into the surrounding neighborhoods can help to reduce costs significantly while providing individuals with access to the type of lifestyle they desire. You may get more home, better lots, and ample amenities for less. Buying a home in Dallas can be an outstanding opportunity, especially when you find the right neighborhoods to do so in.

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