Klyde Warren Park - Innovative Urban Design Continues to Transform Downtown Dallas

Over the past several decades there has been a movement across the country aimed at transforming run-down, crime ridden urban areas into aesthetically pleasing meccas of culture and environmentally conscious green space. In short, urban blight is being turned into urban beauty. One place you can see the end result of just such a transformation is Klyde Warren Park located in downtown Dallas, Texas. If you are buying a home in Dallas in the near future you may wish to consider living near the park as it offers a family-friendly alternative to suburban living.

During the 20th century, as major metropolitan areas continued to grow and expand, residents fled to the suburbs to avoid the congestion and crime frequently found at the heart of large cities. Recently, however, efforts by both private and public organizations have focused on revitalizing urban areas in the hope of attracting residents back. These efforts have been successful in many cities. As the ninth largest city in the United States, downtown Dallas was not immune to the problem of urban blight. Klyde Warren Park is part of an overall effort to rejuvenate downtown Dallas with the goal of attracting visitors to the area as well as convincing those who need to find a home in Dallas to consider living in the downtown area.

Klyde Warren Park opened to the public in October 2012. The $100 million price tag for the park was covered by funding from city, state, and federal sources as well as by a $50 million donation from billionaire energy tycoon Kelcy Warren. The park is named after Warren's son, Klyde Warren. The park itself is a 5.2 acre urban green space which is built over the recessed Woodall Rodgers Freeway located between Pearl Street and St. Paul Street. The park, which was virtually created out of thin air, connects what is known as "Uptown" with the Dallas Arts District and the downtown area in general. Although the park is already open to visitors, construction on some of the park's attractions continues. Ultimately, the park will include jogging trails, a separate dog park, and an expansive children's playground as well as a permanent restaurant and a stage for performers. Residents of downtown Dallas, visitors, and those who work in the area can enjoy a wide diversity of food that can be purchased from the collection of food trucks that converge in the park each day at lunchtime.

For anyone buying a home in Dallas the revitalized downtown area makes the idea of urban living much more attractive these days. In fact, in less than 20 years the efforts to revitalize the downtown area have resulted in the number of residents living in downtown Dallas to climb from just 200 in 1996 to over 30,000 today. Of course, the majority of the housing available in downtown Dallas consists of condominium living or converted loft space; however, there are some single-family homes available if you look hard enough. If high-rise living fits into your dream of buying a home in Dallas then you are in luck because downtown Dallas now offers everything from eclectic studio spaces for those who are trying to find a home in Dallas on a budget to luxurious, expensive, and spacious penthouses. Although Dallas home values suffered significantly during the recent recession, the market has rebounded faster than most, meaning that a buyer hoping to find a home for sale in downtown Dallas will likely need to spend $500,000 or more. Small, studio loft spaces may be available for under half a million dollars; however, a two bedroom, two bathroom condominium with standard amenities will likely run close to $500,000 with larger condos, or those with more luxurious amenities, easily running over $1 million. You can talk to a local Dallas real estate agent to locate listings that are within your  price range.

Kylde Warren Park has brought the beauty of the suburbs to downtown Dallas, making it a much more attractive option for anyone who is planning on buying a home in Dallas.

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