Enhancing Curb Appeal in the Hot Dallas Summer Heat

Any native of Dallas, TX can tell you that the summers here are hot and humid, with the average high temperature hovering around 90 degrees. Sometimes, temperatures reach 100 degrees or more, according to The Weather Channel. In addition, Dallas is prone to severe weather conditions, including tornadoes, hail storms and thunderstorms. Maintaining curb appeal in the Dallas real estate market, given this capricious climate, will require some special touches.

Why curb appeal is important

The outside of your house is the first chance for you to impress potential buyers. If the outside doesn't look appealing, they may not even make an appointment to see the rest of the house. With more and more potential buyers perusing the properties available on the Dallas real estate market on their own via the Internet, they may never ask their agent about your property if it doesn't look inviting from the outside.

Maintaining curb appeal in the Dallas summer

You want your house to look appealing to prospective buyers, even during the hot summer season. How do you achieve this? Below are some ideas:

1. Reduce the amount of grass. Although it's preferable to maintain a green lawn, at least while your home is on the market, it can sometimes be a challenge during the dry summer season.  Municipal water restrictions during the summer can make watering your lawn difficult. One way to avoid using so much water is to reduce the amount of grass and replace it with drought-resistant, native Texas plants. Another is to use a rain barrel and recycle rain water to be used in watering your lawn.

2. Use container gardens. Using containers for plants and flowers is an easy way to add temporary color and flash to your landscaping. Plus, containers are easier to water. Again, using native Texan plants not only shows your Lone Star pride, but such plants are more adaptable to the hot weather.

3. Keep curbs and walkways clutter-free. Keeping your curbs, sidewalks and walkways free from debris is essential to keep your property looking nice. Make it a habit to walk around your property after every storm and clean up any damage or debris immediately.

4. Use the services of an experienced real estate agent. A good Dallas real estate agent can be an invaluable resource, not only for finding buyers for your house, but also for getting your home ready to sell. He or she can often offer ideas for adding summer curb appeal to your property. After all, real estate agents can reference what has worked in the past. They also have more knowledge of what their colleagues have done to spruce up the exteriors of their houses and can tell you what worked and what didn't.

Getting your home ready for the Dallas real estate market during the heat of the summer isn't impossible. You just need a little planning, a little ingenuity, and the help of a good Dallas real estate agent. For more information, here are some additional tips on selling a home in Dallas

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