Dallas voted fourth-hippest city

Although it is very difficult to define, a city's "hipness" can make a region a big draw for tourists and new residents as well as improve the quality of life of its current inhabitants. Whether it's a vibrant cultural scene, a plethora of interesting people or great food, a city deemed by many to be fun and exciting is a mark of popularity and a source of pride. Therefore, those considering buying real estate in Dallas should be happy to learn that the city was ranked fourth on Forbes' list of America's hippest cities.

To determine this collection of metros, the editors at Forbes rated cities on different criteria, including arts and culture, recreation, diversity, local eats, unemployment rate and net migration. In all of those categories, Dallas did quite well.

Perhaps its strongest category was arts and culture, where the city's music venues and nightclubs helped it earn 95 out of a possible 100 points. However, recreation wasn't far behind at 86, thanks in large part to the area's abundance of parks and proximity to many outdoor activities.

However, there may be no better measure to gauge a city's attractiveness to residents than by its net total of new inhabitants. In that regard, Dallas' total of 45,870 placed it second only to fellow-Texas city Houston.