Dallas ranks among top U.S. cities for homebuilding

Many local residents consider Dallas a great place to live for several reasons. While there are many homes for sale in Dallas, the real estate inventory might soon increase with ongoing construction projects occurring throughout the area.

The San Antonio Express-News states that the Dallas/Fort Worth area is among the U.S. cities with the most homebuilding. This reflects a rising interest in the region, as more people appear to be exploring what it takes to live in this metro.

"Nobody wants to move twice," Jim Leonard, president of a Texas builders association, told the news outlet. "Inventory is important. It smoothes out your cash flow and makes your business more certain. Without inventory, it's hard to get any kind of momentum."

According to the news outlet, 14,119 new homes were built in Dallas over the past year. There might be a number of factors drawing new residents to the region, including the following elements.

Lower-than-average unemployment rate
The Texas Workforce Commission recently revealed that the Lone Star State has increased its workforce, as 17,800 new jobs were added to the state's economy in July 2012. Dallas, the third-largest city in Texas, played a major role, as the Arlington-Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan statistical area featured an unemployment rate of 7.2 percent during the same time frame. This represents a jobless figure that is 1.1 percent lower than the national average.

Dallas is home to numerous employers that are ranked among the nation's best. Money Magazine notes that Edward Jones, Ernst & Young and TDIndustries were just a few of the country's best companies to work for in 2011, and each was conveniently located in Dallas.

A blend of culture and history
Dallas' attractions draw visitors from across the globe, and the possibility of having access to these innovative venues from their backyards may impact the city's ability to draw more residents in the future.

For example, the Dallas Zoo is a popular spot for attendees of all ages. The zoo was created in 1888, and has grown from just two deer and two mountain lions to a park that host a wide collection of birds, mammals, marine life and more. In fact, the zoo is only one of 10 in the United States to house koalas, and drew its highest attendance to date in March 2012.

The Dallas Zoo represents one of the attractions in the area, and you can explore more if you become a resident of this metro.