Dallas could provide funds to build homes for veterans

Housing projects for American troops currently stationed overseas will receive financial assistance from Dallas, which could impact the local economy and homes for sale in Dallas.

According to the Dallas Observer, the city plans to partner with two private groups to build additional homes for veterans. The U.S. Census Bureau notes that there were over 112,000 veterans in Dallas County in 2010, so many residents may be impacted by the city's support.

Dallas could be directly involved with two projects - a joint effort with the Defenders of Freedom and an apartment complex called Heroes House, located on Highland Road north of Interstate 30, the news source notes. The city is expected to provide about $600,000 to support the housing initiatives.

Financial assistance for these projects might influence the housing market in several ways. The city's homeownership rate could rise, as veterans may access high-quality housing in the area. With higher homeownership rates, the city could become more appealing to businesses and visitors, helping further enhance the local economy and providing new opportunities to job seekers throughout the region.