Buying a home in one of Dallas' Upscale Neighborhoods

Dallas is the third largest city in the state of Texas with a population of over a million people. As the economic center of its region, Dallas has one of the highest concentration of corporate headquarters in the nation.  Alongside its thriving business environment are numerous upscale neighborhoods that contain luxurious properties with lots of privacy to accommodate its residents. If you're looking for neighborhoods that offer beautiful landscaping and unique, one-of-a-kind properties where you can have your children play in the back yard or walk down the street to the neighbor's house in the evening, then consider the following three communities:

Bluffview. Bluffview, named for its hilly terrain, is an upscale Dallas neighborhood, located on the northwest side of town near Dallas Love Field airport. The area is noted for its tree-lined streets and well-developed landscaping. The area also boasts a half-dozen golf courses, easy access to downtown and several nearby shopping centers.

Dallas homes for sale in Bluffview run the gamut from traditional homes to mid-century ranch homes to modern, new construction. Many homes in this area boast dramatic hilltop views and large lots. Prices for Dallas homes for sale in this neighborhood start at around $325,000 and go up to well over $1 million.

Preston Hollow North. Located east of Bluffview, Preston Hollow is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Dallas.

With high end retail stores and services at The Plaza at Preston Center as well as a wide selection of great dining opportunities nearby, Preston Hollow is an attractive location to buy a luxury home.  

When buying a home, you might find yourself curious about who your neighbors will be. Several notable people have called Preston Hollow home (this includes both Preston Hollow North and Preston Hollow East), including former President George W. Bush, business executive Ross Perot, Dallas Cowboys star Roger Staubach and Mary Kay Cosmetics founder Mary Kay Ash.

Residents living in Preston Hollow North are very well-educated professionals. More than 40 percent of residents hold at least a bachelor's degree and more than 27 percent have earned a graduate degree. In addition, the average household income in Preston Hollow North is $125,101, which is well above the Dallas median income.

Dallas homes for sale in Preston Hollow North range from luxurious cottages to modern, newly-constructed homes in gated communities. Homes here range from around $700,000 to well over $1 million.

Preston Hollow East. Preston Hollow East is the most exclusive part of Preston Hollow. Like Preston Hollow North, residents of Preston Hollow East are highly educated, with more than 32 percent of residents holding an advanced college degree and nearly 50 percent holding a bachelor's degree. This education translates to income. The average household income in this neighborhood is $210,231.

Homes in Preston Hollow East are some of the most luxurious and imposing real estate in the United States. Many have a New England look and a number of homes are located along hidden, tree-lined lanes. Homes here are all unique with large lots and plenty of amenities. Most have more than one acre of land with beautifully designed pools, tennis courts, guest houses and multi-car garages. Prices for homes in Preston Hollow East start at more than $1 million.

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