Color of the Week: Yellow and Gray

This week, we’re switching our focus to color combinations since most of you probably don’t decorate in monochrome. And we’re starting off with the Power Couple of color combos: yellow and gray.

Seriously, yellow and gray are like that awesome couple you know that have totally different personalities, but are somehow magically on the same wavelength. They’re both cheerful and chill at the same time.

Gray carefully tempers yellow’s bright enthusiasm, and yellow knows how to get gray out of bed in the morning. And depending on your temperament, you can choose to lean heavily on one or the other. These are also great colors to play around with patterns or different decorating styles.

Here are some of my favorites from our Color Schemes board this week:


A Tasteful Touch of Yellow with Classic Gray Lines

Chevron + Yellow + Gray = A Perfect Design Triad

Mustard Moroccan Tile Stencil in the Laundry Room

Smoky Hues for a Touch of Sophistication

Light Gray and Gold Yellow for a Vintage Look

Or, Keep it Minimal

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