Color of the Week: Gray!

You might be one of those people who think of gray as a dreary, gloomy color, but gray can be so luxurious. Gray is versatile – it comes in so many shades from elegant light gray to a warm, charcoal hue.

Also, because gray is a neutral, it has a relaxing effect. So it should be no surprise that as we collected gray interior photos for our Color Schemes Pinterest board, we saw so many in bedrooms! Here are some of our favorites:

This bedroom is soft – from the gray fabric headboard to the throws to the light gray walls. I could definitely take a nap here.

Gray is also really fun when mixed with brights! We saw a lot of gray and yellow or gray and hot pink like in this bedroom.

Gray is also often paired with natural textures, such as this bedroom with its barnboard headboard. How sweet!

We even spied natural wood making an appearance with this gray comforter in a catalog.


Awesome bedrooms—now I need to go take my Friday nap.

Happy weekend!