Revamping your bathroom before you sell

Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is the most used space in virtually any given home. For this reason, it's important to spend some extra time getting this particular part of your property looking its best (and its cleanest) before putting your Chicago home up for sale. Whether you are listing the home tomorrow or in a couple months, it doesn't hurt to start thinking about ways to revamp your bathroom.

Ways to spruce up your bathroom before you list your home

It is important to be smart about how you spend your time and money when getting your bathroom ready to sell. We have a number of tips for potential Chicago home sellers on fixing their bathrooms that won't break the budget:

Deep Cleaning. Before you even talk to a real estate agent, take a day or two to thoroughly clean every inch of your bath. Include the things you've been overlooking or intending to get around to, like the cleaning the gunky vent or scrubbing the stained grout and the cloudy shower doors. When you finally get around to deep cleaning your bathroom, it is especially important to scrub out any strange, discolor from your bathroom as it indicates mildew growth. Grout is a common place where you will find discoloration. Not only dirty grout aesthetically displeasing to the eye, but it is also a sign that your bathroom is unhygienic. If you don't have to time to do this yourself, it makes sense to hire a professional crew. Note that in some cases, the bathroom needs far more than just a deep cleaning (e.g. when the sink is rusted or damaged. If deep cleaning is clearly not enough to get your bathroom ready to sell, then work with a real estate agent to get some more direction on what repair projects to invest in.

Replace fixtures if they look rusted or moldy. Replacing your bathroom fixtures (sink faucet or shower head) can definitely breathe new life into your bath without a huge expenditure. This is especially important if your current fixtures have any rust spots, mold or calcium deposits on them.

Decluttering the Bathroom. If your bathroom is like most, you have way too many items on the counter tops. There's likely to be old, frayed toothbrushes, lotion bottles with half of the product dripping outside of the bottle and hair brushes that are long past their prime. You know what we're talking about. Stow those unsightly toiletries under the sink or in the drawers (or throw them out completely). Now is also a good time to invest in new towels. Fresh, matching towels help to make your room look clean and inviting. Plus, you get to take them with you when you move.

Replace old shower curtains. Shower curtains are another part of your bathroom that doesn't age well. You may be used to how your curtain looks, but those water stains and mildew spots are sure to turn off a prospective buyer. (The good news: this is another update you can take with you to your future home after your Chicago home is sold.)

Replace the cabinet hardware. Few DIY projects yield so much appeal for so little money as new cabinet hardware. Old drawer pulls and cabinet knobs can make your bathroom look like it's stuck in the 1990s (or the 1970s?) For less then $25, you can make your cabinets look fresh and new.

The time and effort Chicago home sellers take before they list their property can yield big rewards come closing time. Look at cleaning your bathroom as an investment, one that could very well earn you quick sale at top dollar.

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