Gentrification transforming Chicago neighborhoods

Chicago neighborhoods are being "redefined" and evolving due to gentrification, according to Networx. Those looking at relocating to real estate in Chicago can take a closer look at how this process has created the current atmosphere of the Andersonville neighborhood.

Taking a closer look at Andersonville, gentrification expert Dr. Japonica Brown-Saracino revealed to Networx that this Chicago neighborhood has seen several different waves of gentrification that have made it what it is today. Due to a large influx of lesbians in the 70s and 80s, followed by a flood of artists to the area, this neighborhood has become a very friendly and welcoming community and has expanded somewhat into nearby Uptown and Edgewater. The city has also invested funds to revive the streets and sidewalks in what is today a thriving and popular retail strip.

If you're in the market for homes for sale in Chicago neighborhoods that are particularly diverse and welcoming, Andersonville could be a good area to investigate. Explore Chicago stated that this thriving neighborhood is characterized by its significant diversity of different cultures and lifestyles, and in particular, the neighborhood has many LGBT-friendly businesses, restaurants and bars.

The source detailed that Andersonville's "predominantly locally-owned boutiques are found amidst quaint brunch spots, Middle Eastern bakeries, hip bars and gastro-pubs, and a strong Scandinavian presence from the neighborhood's Swedish founders."