The evolving Chicago neighborhood of Cicero

Chicago's Cicero has historically been a neighborhood that generations of Eastern Europeans have called home, but a recent Chicago Tribune article revealed that the neighborhood continues to rapidly evolve. The article noted the neighborhood's increasingly Hispanic population, who are drawn to the area for the housing prices and "family-oriented atmosphere."

Those looking at real estate in Chicago could find Cicero's changing landscape particularly interesting because this Chicago neighborhood is probably most famous for hosting the headquarters of one of America's most ruthless criminals in the 1920s, Al "Scarface" Capone.

The Tribune points to a number of noticeable transformations this neighborhood has experienced as the Hispanic population has surged. These include the appearance of vendors in Community Park who sell sombreros and jewelry, supermercados popping up and local bakeries that sell traditional Mexican sweet buns to eager local children.

People looking at homes for sale in Chicago and thinking of giving the new Cicero a go can find this neighborhood roughly seven miles west of the Chicago Loop, making this the city's closest suburb. The homes in this small suburb are made up of smaller apartment buildings and bungalows, which help to contribute to the family-friendly vibe that is currently drawing in new residents.