Evanston private high school shines

A recent survey, performed annually by TribLocal Evanston, provided insight into private schools in the Evanston area, a Northern suburb of Chicago. Those looking for real estate in Chicago might consider looking to the suburb to provide children with a top-notch education.

TribLocal Evanston’s report focused in part on Roycemore High School, located on Davis Street in Evanston. The school has a total enrollment of 265 students, making the average class size only 18 students, with one teacher for every eight students.

John Novick, upper school division head and assistant headmaster at Roycemore, told the source, “Our philosophy is that everyone can participate in everything they want. Anybody who wants to play is on the team.” He added that the low student-to-teacher ratio allows each student to have a voice and be known individually.

In terms of Roycemore’s academic stats, the school website maintains that 100 percent of high school graduates are accepted into college. In the last five years, the school has had 22 State Scholars graduate, 37 semifinalist and finalist AP Scholars graduate, and 15 National Merit Commended students.

The City of Evanston website gives useful information about all facets of Evanston life. Only about 15 miles north of downtown Chicago, Evanston could be an ideal neighborhood, providing access to both suburban private schools and the thriving metropolis. Evanston is also home to one of the Big Ten colleges, Northwestern University.