Chicago named sexiest city in America

While Chicago may still be playing catch-up in the housing market recovery, its sex appeal is strong. In fact, the website Bundle named Chicago the sexiest city in America. While being named No. 1 sexiest city might not spur an immediate turnaround in the housing market, the distinction is based on consumer data that shows at least a few retail sectors are thriving in the City of Broad Shoulders.

Bundle examined the spending of households in the largest U.S. cities with credit card transactions at lingerie & hosiery, cosmetics & fragrance and skincare & waxing stores to determine "spending on sexy" per capita. Bundle determined that Chicago spends 244 percent of the national average tending to looks, making it the sexiest city in America.

Chicago was also listed as No. 2 on Bundle's list of the Fittest Cities in America.

Bundle said, "Major cities provide more healthy outlets than suburbs and rural areas. In cities, there are more fitness clubs, health food stores, and weight-loss centers per capita than in the suburbs. Cities are more active in that they are usually walkable, faster paced and competitive."

Residents of major metros apparently have a leg up on their suburban counterparts in a number of other areas as well. People opting for real estate in Chicago rather than suburban living have a monopoly on prime date restaurants, thanks to the Windy City's 7,300-plus restaurants. Another article, in The Street, explained that cities are much more conducive to green living as well.