Chicago housing market finds stable ground in April 2012

Real estate in Chicago, IL, picked up steam in April 2012, with home sale activity in the Windy City reaching new heights. The Chicago market further stabilized, as rising sales and firmer home prices began to materialize in the metro area. Combined sales of attached and detached homes in the seven-county market reached 6,771 units in April 2012, compared to 6,501 units sold in the previous month and 5,713 closings in April 2011. This uptick represents a 4.2 percent increase over March 2012 and an 18.5 percent rise from a year ago.

Homebuyers have rediscovered the numerous values found in owning property in Chicago. With the metro area offering a variety of entertainment options, ranging from sports events to music concerts and theater opportunities, a night never has to be spent doing the same thing.

What's more, as of May 14, 2012, the city had 42,264 homes listed for sale, the Department of Numbers reports. As a result, buyers may be able to survey a wide array of properties before entering a closing, so finding dream homes has never been easier in the Windy City.