In-building sprinklers in Chicago high-rises

If you're looking at MLS Listings in Chicago and contemplating a move to one of the neighborhoods where residential high-rises are common, it would be good to know about the current situation with in-building fire sprinklers.

The City Council recently made a few additions to Chicago's Life Safety and High-Rise Ordinance, allowing high-rises to choose to either retrofit buildings with fire sprinklers or install other safety features such as fire-resistant doors and frames for stairwells or communication systems, The Chicago Tribune reported.

The Tribune detailed that the ordinance did not result in many sprinkler additions, and that this long-standing debate is once again heating up. Those in support of the recent mandate believe that fire sprinklers are necessary to protect lives and property in some of Chicago's oldest buildings. The opposition argues that there are other measures that can be taken to ensure protection - choices less costly and just as effective as sprinklers.

Lincoln Park is one of Chicago's most attractive neighborhoods to live in and is known for its high-rise buildings. A key characteristic about high-rises in this area is that many were constructed 25 years ago, or even earlier than that. It could be useful to follow updates on this issue if considering real estate in Lincoln Park.