Bridgeport, a Chicago neighborhood, has affordable housing options for you

When you begin your quest for a new home, you may want to check out the real estate in Chicago, IL. The city's many available for-sale homes are very affordable, with the median single-family home price as of April 29, 2012, listed at $179,346, ALTOSResearch reports.

In fact, when moving with your family, you may want to consider Bridgeport, a neighborhood in the heart of Chicago culture. The community has had its fair share of names, starting as Hardscrabble, then Cabbage Patch, and now, due to its close proximity to a bridge near the Chicago River, it's earned the current title, reports.

This neighborhood is great for families, as it's near the home of the Chicago White Sox and U.S. Cellular Field, which is located on 333 West 35th Street. The community also hosts a wide array of old churches like St. Mary of Perpetual Help Parish, which is located on 1039 West 32nd Street and offers several weekly masses.

When looking for a new home, consider Bridgeport for its location, family-oriented culture and affordability. You may be able to find a great deal on the home of your dreams.