Buyers: Easy Ways to Make Your Garden Grow

How to create a garden

Spring buyers, perhaps more than any other group, can take advantage of nature’s paintbrushes—as in flowers and trees, as well as nature’s bounty—as in, veggies and fruits, as spring is the ideal season not only to plant flora already in bloom but also to plan for summer and fall harvests.  So if you fall in love with a house that has everything going for it except a gorgeous garden, consider yourself lucky. You don’t need an advanced degree in botany; you don’t even need a green thumb. Just bring your creativity, your enthusiasm and plenty of elbow grease to the party.

I don't mean to act like creating a garden is easy: from from my own experience, I know a dreary, dead, or blah garden can be intimidating. My husband and I want some land- a front yard to welcome us; side yards to lend privacy and charm; a back yard for our dog, to grow food, to entertain. But if those spaces aren’t already set up, we wonder: how can we make them, using  what we’ve got to work with?

If you’re participating in ZipRealty’s Drop in and Win spring promo, you may have already seen a house like this. And, if you have seen such a house, that means you’re entered to win one the three gift certificate prizes. If you win, maybe you’ll pick a Lowe’s gift card, because Lowe’s offers everything you need to get a garden growing, as well as both online and face-to-face support for the budding gardener.

Projects that Transform a Yard

Even a very basic yard, like this rectangular one here, can metamorphose into something much more unique. Think reorganizing the space you have using both plant beds and pathways, as in this example from The Modular Blog.

Transform a graden

Planting Beds

At once a simple and complicated sounding project, how, when, and what you plant is both art and science. Think about color, texture, fragrance, as well as seasonal and light issues when you select your plant combinations. Lowe’s has multiple tutorials on planting, as well as the plant, bulbs and seeds. And, if you want to create a raised bed or a retaining wall, you’ll find ideas for those too.

Create a flower bed

Flower Boxes

Newbie gardeners can try their hands first with flower boxes. The smaller space involved allows for fewer tears should things not go quite right with the first effort. But if things work out, a flower box can add seasonal charm to window, walkways, decks and porches. Check out the pop of color in this window box featured on Novelty blog.

create a flower box window box

Creating Pathways

You may want to add unique pathways that connect elements of your garden and make better use of the space available. Brick, bark dust, wood, and tile are all potential materials that can add both artistic and practical use. Lowe’s again offers online ideas for these kinds of projects, even writes that adding tile design to an outdoor space is “easy,” something kids and parents can do together.

Yours may not look as amazing as this one from HDTV, but hey, maybe it will!

Create a tile walkway

All in all, spring presents an inspiring pallet. Your yard will be your canvas, you will be the artist. And ZipRealty can get you started with Drop in and Win.